Print Text Messages App for Android

Print Text Messages is the quickest and simplest way to print SMS messages directly from your Android phone without any additional software or a PC.

This app is useful if you need to create a PDF of messages to show as evidence in court, for other legal matters or to archive business communications.

 App Features

  • Print directly from your phone
  • Prints entire conversations in 3 taps
  • Includes text content with sender, date & time
  • Prints to a wifi/cloud printer
  • Export messages as a PDF
  • SMS/MMS/RCS messages supported
  • No computer or software required
  • Install for FREE


App Demo

You can also follow the user guide, how to print text messages from Android.

As an extra feature, SMS Backup and Restore functionality has also been added to the app, allowing you to backup SMS messages to an XML file and then restore them either to the same phone or new phone.

The app is available to install from Google Play for free. There is a small one-time fee to unlock the full functionality of the app. This allows users to test the app works correctly with their device and network provider before committing to a purchase. Installing is totally risk free.

Android 10 or newer is required and the RCS messaging feature is, unfortunately, not guaranteed as some network providers don't allow access to RCS content from within third-party apps.