How To Print Text Messages From iPhone

If you need to print text messages from your iPhone or iPad then you can do so by installing our Print Text Messages iPhone app. We offer versions for Mac and Windows PC.

Once you have installed Print Text Messages on your Mac you can follow this tutorial. It may look a bit daunting but it is quite simple and you'll be able to print your text messages in minutes.

These instructions are for Version 1.8, if you are using a previous version please delete it and install the latest version from this site. If you are unsure which version of Print Text Messages you have, re-install the latest version anyway. Previous license keys will work in the latest version.

Click on each step in turn for detailed instructions.

1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac

Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac using a USB cable, like you would normally do when connecting to iTunes.

2. Open iTunes

Open iTunes on your Mac.

Click the little iPhone icon at the top left, iTunes will then show information about your device.

3. Backup your iPhone to your Mac

You now need to backup your iPhone to your Mac.

To do this:

  • Under Backups, select This Computer
  • Make sure Encrypt iPhone Backup is not selected.
  • Then click Back Up Now (on the right of the screen).

iTunes will then backup your iPhone to your Mac, this may take a minute or two to complete.

4. Open the Print Text Messages Application

Now you can close down iTunes and open the Print Text Messages app. The app will find all the iTunes backups you currently have. If you can't see the backup you just made, click the Find Backups button and it will update.

Select the backup you want to read from the backups list, all message conversations within this backup will then be loaded into the Conversations list.

MacOS Mojave Users

If you use the Mojave update for MacOS you will have to allow Print Text Messages permission to read your backup files. To do this:

1. Go to System Preferences on the Mac.
2. Open Security & Privacy.
3. Select the Privacy tab at the top.
4. Click the little lock (bottom left) and enter your master password.
5. Select Full Disk Access on the list on the left and then add Print Text Messages to the list on right.

5. Select Text Conversation

Select the conversation you want to print from the list, all text messages from the selected conversation will be shown in the Conversation box.

6. Print your Text Messages

Congratulations, you are now finished. Simply click the Save to Clipboard, Print or Save as PDF buttons to choose how you want to print your text messages.

  • Save to Clipboard - saves the message thread to your clipboard so you can paste them into a document.
  • Print - connects to your printer so you can print out your message conversation.
  • Save as PDF - saves your message conversation to a PDF so you can email it to someone.

All your messages are printed with the senders number and the date and time they were sent. The PDF option is especially useful for court or legal matters as they cannot be edited.


Technical Support

If you need help to print text messages from your iPhone or iPad or have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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